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Our values

Our values

Entrepreneurial Culture

We believe that companies require lawyers who resemble them and share their culture, i.e. efficiency, action and reactivity. Our manageable sized organisation with a strong entrepreneurial spirit endows us with flexibility that facilitates our capacity to adapt to each of our clients’ needs.


Acknowledged for our cutting-edge expertise in all our fields of practice, the lasting loyalty of our clients is our highest reward.


Characterised by swift responsiveness, group spirit and complementary expertise, our team is our driving force. We have been working together for several years now and emulation amongst members enables us to pool our skills and propose creative solutions, therefore ensuring efficient solutions for all our clients’ demands.


As counsel to dynamic groups and SMBs, our team is well acquainted with international matters and has the capacity to work in several languages to assist our clients in all their cross-border projects.


We adhere to rigorous methods when hiring associates and are keen on training and promoting internal talent. We apply a hands-on approach for each case whilst observing high standards of quality, and we encourage information sharing between team members.